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There are 80 million off-grid houses in India and another 20 million that receive less than 4 hours of electricity per day.


We are a registered not-for-profit organization to bring light into these millions of households.


The effort has to sustainable, requiring very little maintenance needs to have low upfront cost and must run without intervention. With this in mind, we have created a solar lighting kit that is extremely cost effective and can be installed within hours and requires very low level of skill.


On this website, you can find links to all the components that we have used, the method used to put these together and its cost.


You are free to get involved with us or to replicate this on your own. We welcome your suggestions, technical inputs and any help that you think will push the cause forward.


We think that this model can be replicated the world over, bringing lights to millions of people.


Which is why we call it "eating the sun".


Download our PPT.

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